New Leaf offers several experiences created specifically for our students over the last 17 years.

20170919 120446 e1511647494661From our bedrock belief that “encouraged people do not misbehave” we make encouragement our primary objective. We achieve this through several age-appropriate versions of our course Being 101, which teaches social awareness and problem solving skills. Students learn to analyze stressful situations and implement plans for peaceful solutions. In this course we’ve synthesized content from several significant emotional literacy programs and strengthened them with highly effective techniques we’ve developed at New Leaf over the last 17 years.

20171121 133120New Leaf School strongly supports the arts for all students. All New Leaf students participate in music class and practice with different instruments.

20170922 133923 e1511646796199Two times a week, New Leaf has a certified Yoga instructor to led us  in a 45 minute class. Yoga is like New Leaf, it helps students physically and emotionally.